Always The People

By far, it remains not government policy or leadership but private initiatives from the people or businesses that are greatly responsible for whatever progress we have by today.


An Examination of Civilization and Barbarity

What was once a living stream, its change continuous and natural, is now disturbed by what is perceived as stubbornness, a stone-like commitment to one political cause. What we witness then is a sense of an unwillingness to grow, an unwillingness to be renewed by spring's call.

Will We Live To See The Change?

My dad recently asked me if, in our lifetime, we would ever see the change we have been wanting for our country. It was not a rhetorical question, nor a flippant one. The inquiry came from a teacher of more than forty years, and a person who continues to thrive in his profession. It was … Continue reading Will We Live To See The Change?

Why I LOVE Writing.

My family is overflowing with storytellers. Well, I call them storytellers but professionally they are teachers. Yes, my mom, dad, and older sibling are all teachers. For as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by people who like to spin tales, true or false or handsomely embellished amalgamations of the two. My … Continue reading Why I LOVE Writing.

The Rainbow Thinking

Of creative and colorful thinking. I have been recently exposed to groups that call for openness and plurality while being increasingly defensive and intolerant. My conclusion has always been that in various regards, we as a society, need to be kinder and wiser in our reactions and attitudes. I concur with those who take the … Continue reading The Rainbow Thinking

Will Social Media Save Us?

The Internet has given freedom of speech its widest highway of expression and evoked those who had been reluctant to speak out to share their sentiments more openly and publicly.  From around the world, the last decade has witnessed the most spectacular development of people power via the medium of social media. Then, there is … Continue reading Will Social Media Save Us?

Couch Potatoes? Why our youths are shunning sports?

It is very easy to point fingers at sports clubs and associations and say that these are run in an amateur manner or issues with restrictions on movement is making kids lose faith in the sporting system and leave sports altogether. I believe this is a very short-sighted evaluation of the situation. The point is … Continue reading Couch Potatoes? Why our youths are shunning sports?

Obsolescence In Education and Employment In The Face of Artificial Intelligent.

Artificial intelligence development is not new, but its pace is picking up at breakneck speeds. Almost daily are reports of new levels of artificial intelligence being deployed in the workplace and the trend is now irreversible. It is as though the near future is unfolding before our eyes. I have this uncomfortable feeling about the … Continue reading Obsolescence In Education and Employment In The Face of Artificial Intelligent.

When A Child Has A Child

It would be rather disingenuous to argue that too much or too little sex education is the only reason behind teenage pregnancy. Many more factors come into play.

Opinion: Morals and Ethics Transcend Beliefs.

By Tinashe Zvakasikwa. I can never assume to truly possess the ability to understand fully the pain of those people who want to parent and who biologically cannot; I can only humbly imagine it but what I do know is that true familial love which is unconditional and wants only the best for all its offspring, presented with the threat of Solomon’s sword, would not ask for what it wants at whatever price (refer to the biblical story).